Moscow’s chief architect is inviting architects, landscape architects and urban planners to develop an architecture and landscape design concept

The Zaryadye district
The Zaryadye district sits on the bank of the Moskva river. Photograph: Sergey Leontiev/Institute of Media, Architecture and Design (Strelka)

The Zaryadye district sits on the bank of Moskva river, adjacent to the Kremlin and the Red Square. After the demolition of Hotel Russia, the site has remained abandoned for over six years. In late January, 2012, Prime Minister and President-Elect Vladimir Putin proposed turning this 130 000 square metre site into a multi-functional park, which would be open to the public throughout the year. 

This challenging project has, according to the Zaryadye Park Competition organiser, the potential to become one of Moscow’s most significant public space development projects in recent decades, and is already attracting attention both inside and outside Russia.

It hopes that this international two-stage competition will bring together multidisciplinary teams of specialists in the fields of engineering, management of public spaces, entertainment , cultural programming, economy, sociology, anthropology, dendrology, ecology and wildlife management.

Interested teams have until 22 May to submit entries for the pre-qualification stage of the competition. On 17 June, a shortlist of six teams will be announced for the second stage; They will have from 1 July – 27 September to develop their projects. The winner will be announced on 12 November.

Full rules, application forms and information about the Zaryadye Park Competition jury panel are published on the competition website, or you can download the expression-of-interest request document here.


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