The LI has added a further five films submitted to the flooding competition to its YouTube channel

More flooding films now available on YouTube

Selected  films have been added to the LI's YouTube site, where the winners and shortlisted entries to the flooding film competition can already be seen. These additional films, which were not premiated, are those that caught the interest of people at the Landscape institute.

The films that have been added are:

* Let's Get Nibbling by Illman Young Landscape Design which seeks to show how everybody can contribute to the solution by 'nibbling' at the problem, all the time, everywhere

H2O Floods

* H2O Floods by Ariana Stoyanova which proposes ameiliorating floods by the planting of 'Longaz' forests, a mix of tree species that thrive in wet conditions

Water Smart Garden Cities

Water Smart Garden Cities by Chris Moss of Earthenware Landscape Architects, which explores the idea of a sustainable Royal Docks Garden Village 

Floody Farming

* Floody Farming by Uscha Pohl for VERY / ITTGB, a look at the way that changes in farming practice could ameliorate flooding

Britain's veins and arteries

* Britain's veins and arteries by Alex Patience, a proposal for a dynamic national water-management network.

You can watch these films, plus the winner and shortlisted films, on the LI's YouTube channel.

The films have been added in advance of World Water Day which takes place on Sunday 22 March.


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