Momentum increases for SkyCycle

Momentum increases for SkyCycle

‘They are helping on constructivity and costing, and urban design and city resilience,’ says Martin, who together with Clark will this week meet London Mayor Boris Johnson and David Higgins from Network Rail ‘to present a developed scheme’.

Martin and Clark’s vision is for ‘a cycling utopia, with no buses, no cars and no stress’. Their elevated cycle way would ‘utilise the air rights of Network Rail’s train lines on land adjacent to the track or perhaps even clipped on to the existing railway viaducts and bridges, which by their nature act as direct arteries feeding into the City’.

Without the interest or support of Network Rail, SkyCycle would not be able to happen, Martin explains. ‘So the stage we are at now is analysing viable sites and opportunities for possible locations and routes for the first stretch of this exciting project within the next few years.’

SkyCycle will provide alternative option to London’s roads for cyclists, he adds. ‘The roads of London still need massive improvements for cyclist safety and this can be paid for with public money and road user taxes. SkyCycle will not be publicly funded: SkyCycle will be a user-pays alternative to riding on the roads.’


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