A motion of no confidence in the Board of Trustees has been defeated.

Members vote on EGM motions

Two further motions were also defeated at the Extraordinary General Meeting, which took place on 15 July at the LI’s London headquarters. 

The full motions and results were as follows. 

Motion 1
THE MEMBERSHIP HAS NO CONFIDENCE in the abilities of former Executive Committee members, now elected unopposed to form the Board of Trustees of the Institute, namely:
– Jo Watkins, President Elect;- Keith Rowe, Honorary Secretary;- Colin Goodrum, Honorary Treasurer; and- Brodie McAllister, a former Council Member – elected unopposed through the undemocratic and restrictive process currently in place, to prperly discharge responsibilities set out in the ‘Board of Trustees Terms of Reference’ briefing note. MEMBERS REQUIRE THOSE OFFICERS, LISTED ABOVE, TO RESIGN WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. 

For: 30%Against: 69%
Motion not carried
Motion 2
The newly elected Advisory Council (or the Executive Committee and Council – whichever is in office at the time of this EGM) shall appoint an INTERIM BOARD OF TRUSTEES drawn from Council and volunteer Past Presidents and Fellows to assume the duties of the Board until such time as a new Board of Trustees is elected.
For: 28%Against: 71%
Motion not carried
Motion 3
The newly elected Advisory Council (or the existing Executive Committee and Council, depending on timing) shall revise as soon as practicable, regulations determining eligibility for election to the Board of Trustees – opening nominations up to all Corporate members of the Institute (CMLI FLI), dropping the requirement for a nominee to have served on Council or as a Trustee. Council (or the Advisory Board or Executive Committee whichever is authorised ) shall call an election to the Board of Trustees immediately the new unrestrictive regulations (coinciding with members instructions at this EGM in Motion 3) are put in place.

For: 30%Against: 70%
Motion not carried

In response, LI president Neil Williamson gave the following statement:

“The outcome of the EGM represents a clear vote of confidence in the trustees, and we now need to put our new modernised governance structures to effective use. We remain in a period of rapid change and this is often unsettling. There is a great deal of work to be done by the newly-elected Advisory Council and Board of Trustees. The decisive action taken to cut staff numbers and reduce other expenditure has stabilised our financial position, but over the coming months we will need to review our strategic priorities in the run-up to preparing next years’ budget.

“I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to visit a good number of branches over the past year, and have further dates in the diary.  The branches collectively are the Institute. The more that members get involved at branch level, the more connected and stronger will be the whole organisation. We depend on volunteer input at all levels, trustees and council members, national and branch committees, working groups, education and professional development. At a time of reduced staff capacity, volunteer input is more critical than ever. 

“We need to move on from the divisiveness that occurred as result of the tough, but necessary, decisions that had to be made to re-balance the budget, and focus all our efforts on supporting and promoting our unique profession.” 

A full breakdown of the results is now available in the members’ section of the LI website.


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