Manchester airport dividend ‘to go on green city projects’

Manchester airport dividend 'to go on green city projects'

‘We recognise that Manchester, in common with other major cities, is not as clean and green as it could – and indeed should – be,’ says councillor Bernard Priest, executive member for neighbourhood services. ‘This is something which we are determined to improve and this new funding will make a significant contribution’.

The money cannot be spent on projects which would create ongoing costs, such as hiring extra staff or supporting existing facilities, says the council, but must go to one-off investments which would make a lasting difference to improve the quality of the environment – including the city’s public realm and parks.

‘We will be looking at investments on a project-by-project basis,’ Priest says, ‘but, as an example, this could involve investment in new facilities such as more and better litter bins, new equipment and initiatives to challenge the behaviour of those who cause environmental problems in the city’.

Ever year Manchester City Council receives 50,000 enquiries about environmental issues such as graffiti, fly-tipping and rubbish collections.

It is appealing to residents to ‘think about new local facilities and initiatives to change the behaviour of people who cause environmental problems’, more details of which appear in its ‘Executive Report on the Clean and Green Initiative’.


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