A disused space at the Southbank Centre has been transformed through social media

Making space with social media

Lyn Atelier and Studio Tilt are turning a disused space at the Southbank Centre into a collaborative ‘Festival Village’. Part of the Southbank’s Festival of the World, which opens in June, the project has utilised social media to attract more than 200 people who work in design, architecture, arts and construction to join forces.

The Festival Village will collaboratively transform a disused two-storey space, which was formerly a store and workshop, into a greenroom for artists and staff participating in the Festival of the World to relax and socialise.

Calls for volunteers were put out on Facebook, Twitter and blogs, and materials such as paint, bricks and wood were sourced from sites such as Freecycle. Over five tonnes of recycled materials will be used in the creation of the site and two tonness of material has been salvaged from the existing site.

Volunteers will work under the guidance of Lyn Atelier, Studio Tilt and Southbank Centre’s in-house teams. The co-making and designing of the space will give participants the chance to share skills and build a community of artists. More volunteers are welcome and can sign up at http://festivalvillag.wordpress.com/blog

Southbank Centre’s Festival of the World will take place from 1 June to 9 September 2012.


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