From circus workshops to Nordic walking and art in the park, this summer sees the return of Love Parks Week

Wollaton Park, Nottingham
Park lovers during last year's Love Parks Week at Wollaton Park, Nottingham

Organised by GreenSpace, the campaign raises awareness of the importance of parks and green spaces, highlighting the benefits they offer and why they should continue to receive investment.

This year’s event will take place from Saturday 21st July to Sunday 29th July, the week leading up to the London 2012 Games. The campaign is particularly focusing on what a healthy green space looks like and is providing an opportunity to assess the nation’s parks by encouraging people to give their park a simple health check.

With almost 200 Park Health Check surveys completed so far, results show that most people believe their local park is in excellent health. “The survey will be up until the end of Love Parks Week,” said GreenSpace’s Tess Stackley. “After the campaign we will produce a full report of the results and the data will be available to any organisation who wants to see it for their specific area.”

With 300 events already registered, the campaign hopes to build on last year’s success, when one million people took part in circus workshops, Nordic walking, art in the park, military fitness and theatre performances.

Paul Bramhill, CEO of GreenSpace, said: “As the benefits of parks have become more recognised, unfortunately the future of green space management is at risk. Local authority budgets are being dramatically reduced and we cannot expect community groups, that already identify they need more funding, training and volunteers, to be the only solution. I cannot stress enough how important this year’s campaign is, please start to think about the future health of your park.”

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