Four new living walls have been installed at Marks and Spencer’s Simply Food stores in a variety of locations around the UK.

Living walls installed at M&S stores

The walls are said to form an integral part of Marks and Spencer’s ‘Plan A’ sustainability programme, ‘which has inspired retailers worldwide to improve their sustainability performance’.

The walls have been installed together with 100% LED lighting, systems to re-use waste heat, and rainwater harvesting systems at M&S Simply Food stores in Slough, Heswall, Oswestry and Epping.
The key benefits of its living walls, says manufacturer Scotscape, include air-purification, sound abatement, insulation (leading to improved U-values and carbon reduction) and floodwater mitigation. ‘The installation of well-designed and well-maintained living walls also contributes significantly to the development of biodiversity in our cities, providing habitats for insects, birds and butterflies.’
‘Our installation teams retrofitted the living walls to existing stores, the variety of building age and type adding an extra challenge to the process,’ says Scotscape managing director Angus Cunningham. ‘Our ongoing research and development programme with the University of Sheffield enables us to quantify the thermal benefits of living walls – making the case for incorporating these systems even more engaging.’


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