The LI has welcomed the government’s commitment to both a GI and a landscape-scale approach to the safeguarding of our landscape and natural environment.

New environment white paper released

Commenting on today’s publication the Natural Choice: Securing the Value of Nature, LI Policy Chair Noel Farrer says: “The White Paper commits the government to creating urban green infrastructure to complete the links in our ecological network. It recognises the way in which urban green spaces are an essential asset in the ways in which they cool urban areas, reduce flood risk, and help communities adapt to a changing climate. And it recognises the strong economic and social benefits of green infrastructure.”

Farrer continued: “The aspirations of the White Paper are excellent. I am however concerned that many of these may be thwarted by the changes in the planning system which are currently going through Parliament. I am however delighted at the recognition given to green infrastructure, a practical example of the way in which landscape can deliver multiple benefits to all of the communities that use it.”

The White Paper also recognises the importance of the way in which landscapes contribute to our national identity and the distinctive nature of local communities.

Download the White Paper here


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