The LI has applauded the announcement that a Chief Construction Advisor is to be appointed by the Government.

LI welcomes construction Tsar

President Neil Williamson commented: “Everyone has recognised the benefits of a more joined-up approach at the highest levels of government for some time and I am very pleased that the government has responded positively to the case put forward by the construction industry and professional bodies for a Chief Construction Advisor.

He added: “The Code for Sustainable Homes and the proposed eco-towns are two examples of how the construction industry will be key to ensuring the UK meets all its climate change targets. With its responsibilities both as the policy leader for climate change and as a major customer for construction services, the government’s need for this role is clear.”

“The Landscape Institute will be working to ensure that the future vision for construction in the UK makes proper provision for green infrastructure and emphasises the importance of open space strategies. The role of the new Chief Construction Advisor cannot just be about ensuring we build more of the same as quickly as possible. We have an excellent opportunity now to work for a public realm that is better designed, greener and better suited to helping us all live healthier and more fulfilling lives.”

“Given the gender imbalance at the top of the construction industry, the government might want to consider the significance of appointing a woman to be the first person to hold this key position,” added Williamson.


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