The accolade recognises Sir David’s phenomenal contribution to education and to connecting people, place and nature over multiple generations

Sir David Attenborough seated at the Great Barrier Reef. Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Throughout 2019, the year of the Landscape Institute’s 90th anniversary, we have focused on the transformative role the landscape profession has played in the UK and beyond.

We have also looked forward to the important role we will play in dealing with global issues – not least the climate and biological diversity emergency.

To mark this occasion, the LI has chosen a very special candidate for its prestigious Landscape Institute Medal.

‘Exceptional service’ to landscape

The LI awards its Medal to rare individuals who’ve provided “exceptional service to the landscape professions, or exceptional achievements that have led to the creation or conservation of landscapes now held in high regard”.

‘We can think of no better person to recognise with this lifetime achievement award than Sir David Attenborough,’ said LI President Adam White. ‘He has connected people, place and nature around the world and educated millions across many generations.’

Adam made the announcement in Edinburgh as part of his opening address at a special event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ian McHarg’s seminal book, Design with Nature.

‘We have so much to thank Sir David for,’ Adam said. ‘Our board unanimously agreed to bestow this honour in our 90th year.’

‘Globally, an estimated 80,000 landscape architects and related professionals contribute daily to the betterment of people, place and nature. Many of these landscape professionals cite Sir David’s work as to what inspired them to choose landscape as a profession.

‘Sir David’s phenomenal career has inspired and continues to inspire society to be aware of the natural world around them. It has stirred governments to collective action to safeguard our climate and habitats. It has educated millions and set an international benchmark for quality. To say that he fits the bill for the Landscape Institute Medal would be an understatement.’

Sir David will join the LI at its 2019 Awards ceremony on Thursday 28 November to accept the medal.


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