A new document calls upon the government to seize the opportunity to establish a long-term framework for the environment and provide policy certainty to support investment

Hertfordshire countryside. Image © Chris Howe

The Landscape Institute has joined other leading bodies to support a shared view of how the government must put sustainability at the heart of the UK’s economic model.

Working with business, environment, academic and professional groups, the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) has published Assurances for an Environment Act – a document that outlines how the government’s Environment Bill should  create a coherent, long-term framework for the environment.

The document outlines the key elements needed for an ambitious new Environment Act that provides the basis for private and public sector investment in environmental improvement. It forms part of the IEMA’s Broadway Initiative, which aims to generate ideas for world-leading environmental management after the UK’s departure from the EU.

‘A new environmental constitution’

IEMA’s Chief Policy Advisor Martin Baxter said that the document outlines ‘the key requirements needed … to establish a framework for environmental governance for the UK – in effect a new environmental constitution.’

‘It is vital that the UK sets long-term objectives for protecting and improving the environment as we leave the EU,’ he said. ‘The Environment Act is a one-off chance to create a coherent framework … [that enables] all parts of society to plan, invest and collaborate to substantially improve the environment on which we and future generations depend.’

Broadway Convenor Ed Lockhart said: ‘… to improve our environment in any fundemental way we need a legal framework that respects the long-term nature of environmental challenges and their solutions, and enables businesses to factor the environment into their plans and investments from the earliest stage. The Environment Bill is the moment to make sure that happens.’

Assurances for an Environment Act will provide the basis for evaluating Government’s proposals when the Environment Bill is put before Parliament.

For more on the Environment Bill, see the government’s Environment Bill policy paper. (Published 19 December 2018.)


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