The LI has submitted a response to the CLG Select Committee Enquiry on the draft National Planning Policy Framework.

Photo by Reemul
Photo by Reemul

The detailed response will not be published until it is available on the Select Committee website, but in it the LI argues that the definition of ‘sustainable development’ in the draft NPPF is incompatible with the Brundtland Report definition of sustainability.

The Institute also argues that the draft NPPF would prevent much of the progressive thinking demonstrated in the recently-published Natural Environment White Paper (NEWP) from being implemented.

Furthermore, it believes that the draft NPPF fails to build on the excellent evidence base in the recently published UK National Ecosystems Assessment (NEC). The NEC highlights the significant economic and social costs of depleting natural capital, while also demonstrating the economic benefits of looking after it.

The draft NPPF also seeks views on the ‘duty to cooperate’. The LI argues that this is an inadequate way of addressing the ‘larger than local’ demands to be made of the planning system especially with regard to the implementation of green infrastructure plans.

CLG is consulting on the draft NPPF until 17 October and the LI will be responding to this.


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