LI report emphasises need for quality housing

LI report emphasises need for quality housing

The LI’s new publication ‘Making it Home: the power of landscape to create good housing’ argues that with a government target of three million new homes in England over the next twenty years, and a Scottish target of 35,000 homes per year in the next decade, there is an unacceptable emphasis on quantity, not quality. 

The new report contends that provision of housing cannot be separated from current environmental and social challenges including climate change, biodiversity, energy supply, food security, social cohesion and flood risk management.

“Ensuring that everyone has access to good quality housing demands that we look again at how we plan and design it,” said Noel Farrer, chair of the LI’s policy committee. “Our vision is that all development should be based on a genuine understanding of its landscape context so that these characteristics can create schemes that are desirable for the developer, the user and the neighbouring communities.”

‘Making it Home’ makes ten demands, which include ‘developers incorporate landscape design and planning into initial site planning briefs’ and ‘Planning committees become better informed on the significance of landscape for housing developments’.

Clare Brockhurst, one of the authors of the publication, added: “It is at the planning stage that opportunities and constraints are identified and resolved through planning and design strategies in response to the existing landscape, and in consultation with interested parties.”

To download the full Making it Home report, click here.


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