The LI’s emergency general meeting produces decisive result

LI members vote to stay in the capital

At an EGM which took place on Wednesday 11 May two motions were debated by LI members.

The results are as follows:

Motion 1:

The offices of the Landscape Institute should remain in London and not be relocated.

Motion 2:
That the Landscape Institute accept Motion 2 from the 2014 EGM and adopt the findings of the Office Location Working Group (OLWG) and relocate the administrative headquarters of the Institute from London to freehold premises in a provincial location as identified by the OLWG and simultaneously establish access to flexible office facilities in London for occasional use. In accordance with Motion 2, this should be done at the first opportunity to relinquish the current lease (in April 2018).


Votes taken at the meeting
For Against Abstain Total
Motion 1 51 13 1 65
Motion 2 12 39 2 53
Votes by proxy
Motion 1 721 184 9 914
Motion 2 212 628 8 848
Total votes
Motion 1 772 197 10 979
Motion 2 224 667 10 901



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