Housing publication is aimed at developers

LI launches Profitable Places

This month, the Landscape Institute launches Profitable Places, a publication showing why housebuilders need to invest in landscape.

The booklet highlights five ways in which landscape professionals can add value. These five principles are illustrated through five housing case studies where landscape has informed the location, layout and design of new developments to great effect.

Housing is high on the political agenda and population projections show that we need 230,000 new homes each year. However, in 2011/12 only 128,160 new homes were built, while affordable housing saw a 68% fall compared with the previous year. With the government putting pressure on housebuilders to build more homes than at any time since the post-war building boom, and with confidence growing in the property market, the scene is set to create the sustainable communities we need in the future.

Profitable Places shows how the best housebuilders and developers are using a landscape-led approach to seize this opportunity. The publication will be available for download from the LI website from 9 October.


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