11 new Trustees and Advisory Council members will take office on July 1

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Following the conclusion of its Board of Trustees and Advisory Council elections in May, the LI has announced the election of 11 new Board and Council members.

Joining the Board will be:

Joining the Council as ordinary members will be:

Liz Stark joins the advisory council as Student Representative.

Noel Farrer and Ian Phillips also rejoin the Advisory Council as ordinary members, having finished their terms as Immediate Past President and Vice President respectively. As former Honorary Officers, Noel and Ian had previously held positions on both Board and Council. Carolin Göhler and James Lord were both elected unopposed to continue serving as Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary.

Some LI branches have also announced new committee representatives to take places on the Advisory Council. The new representatives, who were elected during the branch AGMs this year, are:

  • Nick Bowen, Branch Representative for Scotland
  • Rupert Dugdale, Branch Representative for the Midlands
  • Kevin Johnson, Branch Representative for the North East
  • Mark Smeeden, Branch Representative for Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Harry Watkins, Branch Representative for Northern Ireland

LI President Merrick Denton-Thompson thanked all who stood, and offered his congratulations to the successful candidates.

The future will bring tremendous opportunities, and our leaders will play a crucial role as the LI seeks to grow and broaden its membership

‘I am looking forward to working with all of our new Board and Council members,’ Merrick said. ‘Their insight and experience will be invaluable for the LI at a time of great external change. The future will bring tremendous opportunities for our profession, and our leaders will play a crucial role as the LI seeks to grow and broaden its membership, attract the next generation of landscape professionals, equip practitioners with the skills they will need for the future, and promote the value to society of our members’ professional interventions.

‘I would like to thank Noel and Ian for their service on the Board, and am delighted that they have rejoined the LI leadership as Council members. I would also like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to those members who will not be returning: your contribution to the LI has been of great value, and is very much appreciated. I wish you the very best of luck for the future.

‘Finally, I would like to thank all of the candidates who were not elected on this occasion. We had many candidates stand this year, all of whom had a great deal to offer the LI, and we hope that the unsuccessful candidates will offer their insight and experience in other ways. Through campaigns to engage the next generation, the formation of working groups in new policy areas, a sector-wide skills and education review and improving our CPD and training offering, there will be plenty of opportunities to be involved with the LI in the coming years.’

Full lists of remaining and outgoing members can be found below.

Remaining Board members

  • Merrick Denton-Thompson, President
  • Carolin Göhler CMLI, Honorary Treasurer
  • James Lord CMLI, Honorary Secretary
  • Kate Bailey, Chair of the Policy and Communications Committee
  • Michelle Bolger, Chair of the Education and Membership Committee
  • Marc van Grieken, Chair of the Technical Committee
  • Jim Smyllie, Independent Trustee
  • Phyllis Starkey, Independent Trustee
  • Charles Young, Independent Trustee

Remaining Council members

  • Catherine Bailey CMLI, Branch Representative for the East of England
  • Bill Blackledge CMLI, Technical Committee Representative
  • Noel Farrer FLI, PPLI, Ordinary Council Member
  • Ian Houlston CMLI, Policy and Communications Committee Representative
  • Chris House CMLI, Education and Membership Committee Representative
  • Jonathan Miley CMLI, Branch Representative for the North West
  • Ian Phillips CMLI, VPLI, Ordinary Council Member
  • Hanna Salomonsson CMLI, Branch Representative for London
  • Katharine Schofield CMLI, Branch Representative for the East Midlands
  • Christine Tudor CMLI, Branch Representative for the South West
  • Louise Ward CMLI, Branch Representative for the South East

Departing Board members

  • Noel Farrer FLI, PPLI, Immediate Past President
  • Ian Phillips CMLI, VPLI, Vice President

Departing Council members

  • Simon Brown, Ordinary Council Member
  • Adrian Clarke, Branch Representative for the North East
  • Candida Diamond, Ordinary Council Member
  • Robert Holden, Ordinary Council Member
  • Amanda McDermott, Ordinary Council Member
  • Colin Moore, Ordinary Council Member
  • Alan Nowell, Branch Representative for Yorkshire and Humber
  • Jan Taylor, Branch Representative for Wales
  • Rachel Tennant, Branch Representative for Scotland
  • Rose Walker, Ordinary Council Member
  • David Watkiss, Branch Representative for Northern Ireland
  • Julia Watts, Ordinary Council Member
  • Isaac Winchcombe, Student Representative
  • Wendy Wright, Ordinary Council Member


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