LI Campus represents the future of professional development for landscape professionals – and in recognition of the pressures COVID-19 is placing on the sector, will be free to LI members for the first 12 months

The Landscape Institute (LI) has announced the launch of LI Campus, a brand-new digital resource.

Campus is a compendium of educational content for landscape professionals. The platform gives users immediate access to a huge range of content, encompassing the past three years of LI events, conferences and CPD days.

Staying connected in a time of crisis

In recognition of the huge pressures the COVID-19 crisis is placing on the landscape sector, this new service will be free to LI members who order a 12-month subscription before 30 June 2020.

‘The LI’s mission is to equip members with the skills needed for a changing world. LI Campus is the first platform of its kind for the landscape profession’
Adam White FLI, President

‘A major part of the LI’s mission as a professional body is to equip members with the skills needed for our changing world’, said LI President Adam White FLI.

‘This new product has never been more relevant as we all adapt to the rapid challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have moved to home working, with limited in-person connections allowed.

‘LI Campus is the first online learning platform of its kind for the landscape profession, and I look forward to seeing more content being added as time goes on.’

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Access to CPD on demand

Accessible from any location with an internet connection, Campus is viewable on phones, tablets and PC browsers.

‘Investing in digital delivery is a huge part of the LI’s strategy’, said LI Chief Executive Dan Cook. ‘It’s also in line with our more recent commitments to take climate action and reduce our carbon footprint.

”A commitment to lifelong learning will be critical for the future success of this profession’
Dan Cook, Chief Executive

‘As a new online service, LI Campus offers a more accessible, inclusive and affordable way of delivering CPD and learning.

‘Around the world and across almost every sector, creative and people-oriented skills are in ever-greater demand. Some task-based roles are disappearing or being accomplished using new technology. A commitment to lifelong learning will be critical for the future success of this profession.’

A collaborative community

Campus would not be possible without the support of our four Campus sponsors, GreenBlue Urban, Hardscape, Vectorworks and Vestre.

All leading names in the built environment sector, our sponsors have given the Landscape Institute the ability to create and fund this ambitious project. Experts in their fields, our sponsors are also key content creators for the webinar programme, producing CPD content, product demonstrations and interviews.

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  1. it would be a great idea to extend the access to the LI CAMPUS to non members also, even for a limited period, so that other professionals and students, even children can learn something new and you can give some exposure to a whole new world of possibilities for young and seasoned minds to explore.


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