The Landscape Institute is constantly looking to improve its annual Awards processes and ceremony, and invites all members to share their comments and ideas

Landscape Institute Awards
Landscape Institute Awards ceremony 2015. © Landscape Institute

The annual Landscape Institute Awards ceremony is one of our largest and most popular events. Each year, the LI shines a spotlight on the most innovative projects to have enhanced, protected and transformed the natural and built environment for the public benefit.

In response to member feedback, and in keeping with our evolving strategic direction, the LI intends to continue developing and building on the success of the Awards. We are keen to open up the opportunity for our whole membership to have their say, and to this end, we invite you to complete a short survey.

We welcome suggestions for new categories, changes and new ideas for the event itself, and recommendations based on observations of other industry events.

Complete the survey here.

Please share your feedback by 5pm on Thursday 15 February.


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