LI appoints first academic fellow

LI appoints first academic fellow

Professor Lange said that he is “proud to have been appointed”. He has been a professor of landscape at Sheffield since 2004 and head of department since 2010.

LI President Jo Watkins said: “We were delighted to have been able to elect someone who has made such a significant contribution to the profession as the very first to hold this title.”

Lange, who recently spoke at the SLIC conference Big Landscape 2020, has a sustained track record of peer reviewed research publications, which has been widely disseminated through international academic journals and conferences. He has been a major force in the development of landscape visualisation and its application as a research field for more than 20 years.

He has continued to focus on the role of 3D landscape visualisation in communicating design and planning proposals for decision-making – all projects that are characterised through collaboration with experts in allied fields. “I am interested in how we can make the non-visible in a landscape visible in a meaningful way,” he said. “How do you visualise property values, for example, or habitat characteristics of protected species?” Applications such as Google Earth mean the public can now access 3D models of the landscape. It’s important to consider how these developments will affect planning and design communication.”

Lange’s other interests include urban green space strategies, urban rivers, and rural landscape development, and he lectures on landscape perception, landscapes of renewal, as well as energy and infrastructure landscapes. He believes landscape architects need to be more confident in taking up niches that are not typically considered the main sources of work for the profession, such as climate change adaptation, transportation and infrastructure. “Not getting involved would be a missed opportunity,” he said.

Prior to joining the Department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield as full Professor, Lange has studied landscape architecture and landscape planning at the Technische Universität Berlin, Edinburgh College of Art and Harvard University (Graduate School of Design), and worked for several years at the Institute for Spatial and Landscape Planning in the City and Landscape Network at ETH Zürich, where he set up and directed the Landscape Research Group.

The Fellowship Admissions Board said that it was “significant” that Lange’s research into landscape planning and visualisation had often flowed from consultancy commissioned by public agencies in Switzerland, the UK and elsewhere, and that “such good practice in academia demonstrably links research and practice with the student experience”.

Lange is the only landscape architect represented in the Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency. He has won several prizes for his international contributions to the field, most recently, the Excellence in Research & Creative Works Award from the Council for Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA).

For more information about Professor Lange and his work, visit:

Academic Fellowship of the Landscape Institute is conferred on senior and influential Members of the Landscape Institute, and recognising their talent, expertise and particular contribution to learning, teaching and research in landscape architecture.


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