The LI Board has recommended four motions that will improve governance and increase the appeal of the role of LI President to a wider variety of candidates

Members of the Landscape Institute will be able to vote electronically on the specific motions tabled for the LI’s upcoming annual general meeting (AGM).

All corporate members – meaning fellows, chartered members, licentiate members, academic members and academic fellows – may cast their vote in person at Bristol City Hall on 2 November. However, a new online system will also allow these members to vote electronically.

This is the first time that fully electronic remote voting on AGM motions has been possible. Writing to voters, LI President Merrick Denton-Thompson said that he hoped the new system would improve engagement between the Institute and its members.

‘It is crucial that each of our members has a voice in how their Institute is run, even if they cannot attend the AGM in person’

‘I urge you to use your vote,’ he said. ‘It is crucial that each of our members has a voice in how their Institute is run, and even if you cannot attend the AGM in person, I hope that our use of an online voting system will give you the opportunity to have your say.’

The Board of Trustees has this year recommended the approval of four specific motions, which will:

  • help the LI attract a wider variety of candidates to the role of LI President;
  • give the LI more flexibility in the timing of its bi-annual Board and Advisory Council elections;
  • allow the LI to benefit further from the experience and corporate memory of its Board and Council members; and
  • facilitate improved alignment, information-sharing and decision-making between the Board, Council and standing committees

Members who are eligible to vote will have received notice of the AGM, as well as details of the motions and instructions on how to vote, via email. Eligible members who have not received this communication should contact the LI’s head of finance and operations. Note that non-corporate members are not eligible to vote and will not receive an email notice.

The AGM will precede LI’s 2017 Jellicoe lecture, Built-in Health: designing for health in the public realm. Tickets to this event are free, though booking is necessary; members attending the AGM are encouraged to reserve their place in advance.


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