The LI is seeking the next generation of trustees and council members to help our organisation deliver for people, place and nature

Update: Nominations for the 2019 LI elections closed on 11 April 2019.

Nominations for the 2019 LI elections opened on 11 March. The Landscape Institute has called for nominations to its Advisory Council and Board of Trustees for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 session years.

LI Board and Council play a crucial part in running the Institute. Alongside the LI staff team, Trustees and Council members help the LI to deliver its purpose under Royal Charter, achieve its business objectives, and equip the profession to meet future challenges.

The elections will take place online throughout May.

About the LI elections

Every two years, the LI elects a new generation of officers and Council members to help our organisation deliver for people, place and nature.

The elections are a crucial opportunity for LI members to have a direct say in how their Institute is run. Board and Council members contribute to business planning, help set the LI’s strategic priorities, and decide on the direction of travel for the whole profession.

Inclusive growth

The LI’s membership is growing, diversifying and increasingly global. Future-proofing skills in the profession is another major focus in the coming years. We’d love to hear from applicants who:

  • Come from smaller practices and can help us identify and address skills issues that affect them directly.
  • Are connected to different sectors and can offer insight into how we can collaborate more with other industry bodies.
  • Are women. LI research has found that gender balance in the landscape profession is equal at entry level, but becomes progressively worse at senior levels. A priority area for the LI’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group is to help more female members of the profession into leadership roles.
  • Are from minority backgrounds and can help us improve representation of diverse communities in landscape (especially at the leadership level).
  • Are from overseas and can help us identify opportunities to broaden our membership abroad, share knowledge and strengthen professional connections across the globe.

How to apply

Every member will receive an email from our independent electoral services provider Mi-Voice with a link to the nominations website. If you have not received this email, please contact the LI staff team.

Find out more about the LI 2019 elections.


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