Film supports Basic Need for School Places challenge

Learning Through Landscapes launches film with David Attenborough

Learning through Landscapes has launched its #protectschoolgrounds campaign with a short film featuring Sir David Attenborough. This highlights the problems and opportunities that have led to the organisation's The Basic Need for School Places challenge, addressing an issue  that is affecting a large number of schools across England.

Many schools that already have restricted space, and the practicalities of taking on more pupils mean that many feel that their only option is to place additional permanent or temporary classroom buildings on their school playgrounds or playing fields. This solution, whilst alleviating the capacity issue, means that many children are left with little or no space in which to learn and play outdoors.

With the help of itspatron and supporter Sir David Attenborough, Learning through Landscapes is launching a campaign to raise awareness of this issue and to help schools find innovative solutions without reducing the footprint of the school's outside spaces.

Alongside this there are guidance documents for headteachers, teachers, parents, governors and local authorities to help all those affected by these issues.

Join the conversation on twitter at #protectschoolgrounds. Watch the Conserving Wonder short film or link to the organisation's guidance.


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