LDA Design is helping to create the first of the Eden Project’s visitor centres in China

Cross section of the proposed visitor centre in Qingdao

UK education and environmental charity the Eden Project is developing visitor centres in the US, China and Tasmania. Grimshaw Architects and creative consultancy LDA Design have been appointed to create the first of the three Chinese centres – a new ecological park near the port city of Qingdao on China’s east coast.

LDA Design and their ecology team will help to create wetlands, freshwater and salt lakes, swales, reed beds, rain gardens and beaches.

The new park, which is being developed by Jinmao Holdings Limited, is situated on reclaimed land where two rivers meet. The site will draw on China’s 4,000-year-old relationship with the environment as well as the Eden Project’s ecological principles.

‘We are thrilled to be part of the design team developing China’s first Eden Project, enabling people to explore and understand what water means for life on earth,’ said LDA Design Senior Board Director Neil Mattinson. ‘This is a truly amazing part of the world and our aim is to create an unforgettable, rich experience where lasting memories are made at the water’s edge. We hope it will be a place where people return time and again.’

Since opening in 2001, over 19 million people have visited the Eden Project in Cornwall to discover more about plant life. Built on a former clay pit, the centre features the world’s largest ‘rainforest in captivity’. It is estimated to have boosted the local economy by £1.7 billion.


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