Mixed use development near Yate will include homes and employment land

LDA Design masterplans new neighbourhood in Gloucestershire

South Gloucestershire Council has given the go-ahead to a ‘new neighbourhood’ consisting of 3,000 new homes to the north of Yate, South Gloucestershire. LDA Design has masterplanned an area that includes 2,750 of the homes. The practice also coordinated the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and undertook the landscape and visual impact assessment.

As a result of the ongoing consultation with South Gloucestershire Council, the scheme has undergone a number of changes since the resolution to grant was originally issued in January 2014. The revised scheme responds to further ecological surveys and successfully preserves and enhances ecological characteristics of the site by providing a green corridor, a new woodland area and a new meadow landscape area incorporating the site’s existing watercourses and floodplain.

The scheme will create a mixed-use development with residential areas and more than 4 hectares of employment land. It will be set around a new local centre with shops, a pub, two primary schools, a mixed-use community centre, sports facilities, informal open space, allotments and play areas. Of the new homes, 35% will be affordable and will include Extra Care units, supporting independent living for older people with special care needs.

The masterplan was informed by a series of public consultation events and continued discussions with South Gloucestershire Council, as well as the EIA. LDA Design coordinated the EIA which influenced the design of the scheme in a number of ways, including transportation, flood risk, ecology, landscape and visual effects, and noise.

Outline planning permission was granted in January 2014, subject to a detailed ‘Section 106’ agreement between developer Heron Land Developments and South Gloucestershire Council, which will see a multi-million pound investment in local services, amenities and infrastructure.

The site, which lies to the north of Brimsham Park, is allocated within South Gloucestershire Council’s Core Strategy and will make up the main part of the 3,000-home North Yate ‘new neighbourhood’.

The project will be completed in phases and initial works are set to begin on site in 2016.


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