LDA Design have been contracted by the Technology Strategy Board to lead a building resilience research project involving engineering, design, green infrastructure and public relations

LDA Design develop climate change resilience solutions

The study will look at climate change adaptation in new development, the impacts of green infrastructure, public realm and internal layouts on the resilience of buildings to high temperatures, land instability and flood risk.

It also looks at the role of external actions on a building’s internal comfort, its structural integrity on shrinkable clay soils and its ability to manage water.

Adaptation options will be tested on three houses in Larkfleet’s new Oakham North development in Rutland. The solutions will be developed from a design perspective so that the outcomes will create houses that are acceptable to the developer and to the market.

The contract was awarded following LDA Design’s success in the Technology Strategy Board’s Design for Future Climate funding competition.

Robert Shaw, director of sustainability and climate change at LDA Design said: “Mitigating the effects of climate change is a collaborative effort, where different expertise and complementary skills can come together to create the best solutions. The strategies we develop will be tested on show homes, providing unique feedback into the preparation of the adaptation strategy and its implementation.”

LDA Design will be working in close conjunction with developer-contracter Larkfleet Group and will be supported by Buro Happold, Warmald Burrows and Capita Symonds.



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