Landscape architects are making an important contribution to this year’s London Festival of Architecture.

A concept image of The 39 Cubes
A concept image of The 39 Cubes

Farrer Huxley Associates (FHA) is taking part in The London Festival of Architecture’s celebrations around transforming the capital into ‘The Welcoming City’. The landscape plays a fundamental role in creating sociable and sustainable communities and as such, The 35 cubes aims to provoke public interest and encourage people to take the time to stop and engage with their surroundings.

The 35 cubes is a moveable, interactive sculpture that is made up of nine three-dimensional shapes that comprise 35 individual cubes. The brightly coloured shapes can be combined into any number of more complex forms and structures and are robust enough to withstand their urban setting. They will pop up in a number of locations across London and will be available for passers by to touch, move, interact and play with. FHA hopes that this puzzle-like sculpture will catch the eye of people from all walks of life, triggering a desire to investigate and interact with their surroundings and other individuals.

Meanwhile, over the course of the Festival, various landscape practices and designers have volunteered to lead a series of tours and presentations around schemes they have developed and helped come to fruition.

London Landscapes is a celebration of Landscape Architecture in our capital city and has been curated by the Landscape Institute London Branch. The tours will offer insight into the design influences, constraints and outcomes of some of London’s most exciting landscapes.

The events are open to design professionals and the public.

A full calendar of the events can be downloaded from the LI London Branch website.


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