The LI-led employer group has expressed its desire to form two new apprenticeship standards for people entering the landscape profession

Image © The University of Sheffield

A group of landscape employers has formally expressed interest in establishing new standards for landscape apprenticeships.

In February, the LI submitted to the Institute for Apprenticeships (IFA) an expression of interest for two new standards:

  • Level 4 apprenticeship – Landscape Assistant
  • Level 7 apprenticeship – Landscape Professional

Colin Pill, partner at Tyler Grange and Chair of the Landscape Trailblazer group, said: ‘The [landscape assistant] would work with and support landscape professionals and others in the team. We want to encourage everyone to apply, including – but not necessarily restricted to – school leavers. We don’t want potential apprentices to be restricted by age.

‘The higher level … is planned for someone who will go on to qualify as a landscape professional. These apprentices would most likely start work after obtaining A-Levels, a degree in another subject, or alternative vocational experience.’

Landscape is suffering a skills shortage, and there is strong industry support for new, government-recognised routes into the profession. The LI wants to do all we can to support the sector. We first called for employers to join the Trailblazer group in October 2017; now, some 20 employers – large and small, private sector and public – support the initiative.

  1. Amey
  2. Arup
  3. BDP
  4. Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure
  5. Farrer Huxley Associates
  6. Fira Landscape Architecture
  7. Gillespies LLP
  8. Highways England
  9. LDA Design
  10. LHC
  11. Land Use Consultants (LUC)
  12. Meiloci
  13. Munro and Whitten
  14. Re-Form
  15. The Environment Partnership (TEP)
  16. The Landscape Practice Group
  17. Birmingham City Council
  18. Townshend
  19. Tyler Grange LLP
  20. Wilder Associates
  21. Winchester City Council

The LI would personally like to thank all employers who have been involved in
this process to date. Find out more about landscape apprenticeships and the Landscape Trailblazer.

Bringing new talent to the profession

Within the expression of interest, we have identified that there are no significant overlaps with other extant standards. We predict the demand for landscape apprenticeships to be around 200 per year – 100 for each new standard.

The next stage will be a short public consultation ran by the IFA. We should hear whether we are successful within eight weeks from submission; from there, if successful, we will start a wider consultation process with members and practices to shape the standards and end-point assessment.

Getting new apprenticeship standards approved is a long journey. We hope to hear from the IFA by mid-April, with a view to beginning delivery by the 2019-20 financial year. We hope that your firms will support us in achieving this ambitious target.



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