Planet Earth is working on a new project for New Deal for Communities in the London Borough of Newham.

Planet Earth's walk-through movie for Star Park
Planet Earth's walk-through movie for Star Park

The project will see a radical new design for a large local park called Star Park. Following extensive consultation in which a walk-through movie of the design was shown, Planet Earth’s new design in the shape of a pentagonal star was given the thumbs up. The area is seeing regeneration on a large scale, with a new DLR station for Canning Town opening soon.

Star Park is a powerful, open and windswept space designed in the 1970s when new housing was developed. It benefits from magnificent views of Canary Wharf in the distance. Currently, the park is reportedly difficult to appropriate and lacks any form of intimacy or emotional comfort. The sheer scale of the space is off-putting and threatening.

The geometry for the new design for Star Park is carefully organised to deal with these major design failures. Long vistas have been created to preserve the sense of scale and expansiveness, while defining smaller areas of parkland for different activities. Proposed trees will give enclosure but not stop lines of sight. Important views will be framed and focused. Proposed routes link up to the new transport interchanges and integrate with the existing entrances to the park. Several existing desire lines across the park are also now incorporated in the new design.

The previous path network was extremely irrational and did not function well. 136 existing trees have been integrated into the design, with only 45 needing to be removed. All trees are small standards and some are in very poor condition having suffered from the harsh windswept conditions. Proposed new trees number 125 in total. The design conveniently creates specific areas for much needed new facilities such as a central festival space, multi-use games area, natural playground and dedicated dog-walking space.


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