Landscape students get the message following survey results

Landscape students get the message

The figures come from a student survey conducted by the LI at the end of 2011, in which more than 350 students responded – more than a quarter of landscape students in the UK. Of those who visited the LI’s careers website, 95 per cent said that they found it useful or very useful.

Since its launch four years ago in May 2008, the website has had over 88,000 individual visitors, including more than 27,000 last year alone. Tthe accompanying video, developed with digital media company Room 60, has also been translated into several languages.

LI accreditation important
The survey showed that the LI is also having an influence on student choice in other ways. Ninety one per cent of respondents said that LI accreditation had been an important factor in their choice of university, alongside a university’s reputation and its location.

The survey also generated new information about students applying for landscape courses. The most common A-level held by undergraduate students was art, followed by maths, then biology, english and geography. It also shows that landscape is attracting top students: just under a third of students held three or more A-grade A-levels.

However, the survey also revealed that landscape architecture is in stiff competition with other subjects. Nearly half of all undergraduate students who eventually chose landscape had considered other subjects at the point at which they made their applications to university. The most common choices were architecture, followed by geography, environmental conservation and planning. These were also common subjects for those entering the profession after a first degree.

Irene Shaw, chair of the LI’s Education and Membership, said: “The message is that landscape architecture is continuing to attract high quality entrants, which is excellent news for the ongoing health and vitality of the profession. We also had high numbers of applicants and joiners to accredited courses in 2011.

“However, they also show the extent to which landscape architecture is in competition with other subjects, and the continuing importance of a strong careers message.The survey will inform the LI’s ongoing careers work.”


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