Landscape once again had a starring role at Open House London, with more than 80 landscape-related events.

The Next Stop:Trees! installation for Open House
Landscape shines at Open House London

These included more than 80 projects with landscape at their heart, guided walks and the very first Open Debate, held at the Landscape Institute, and which more than 9,000 people applied to attend.

One of these events was ‘Next Stop, Trees!’,  an installation and walking tour beginning at Old Street Station and ending at East Road (bus stop D) on Sunday 22nd September. The design idea was shortlisted for the Landscape Institute’s High Line for London Competition in 2012, and is a natural intervention around existing bus stops, enhancing them to become shared cultivation areas.

The East Road bus stop was altered to include a sedum roof, planters holding tomatoes, auberginse and herbs, and an apple tree. Good apples provided food for passers by and unused/rotten fruit was available to be used for compost.

‘The idea is that each street could have a different fruit-bearing tree at the bus stops, providing local people with a vibrant facility and sense of identity, and increasing the everyday connection to nature.’ said Claire Beard of Between Bricks.

More than  1,000 people saw the installation as they passed, with around 300 stopping to have a closer look and another 100 people asking questions. ‘Even from the people walking past it was evident that they enjoyed the installation because it put a smile on their faces,’ said Laura Rowland of Between Bricks.

The Open House walking tour included local history and observations on the success of the existing green spaces in the area. It encouraged participants to be more aware of the impact this can have.


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