Winning study undertakes a review of EIA development

Landscape sensitivity study wins Landscape Research Group prize

Chartered member of the Landscape Institute Josh Peacock, an environmental project manager with the Environment Agency, has won the 2013 Landscape Research Group MA Dissertation prize, in the category of original academic research as it relates to creative art and design, and further to studies undertaken at Leeds Beckett University. 

Josh’s study undertakes a review of environmental impact assessment development by the Environment Agency to identify issues within the current approach to identifying landscape sensitivity, further to a review of terms including landscape, landscape sensitivity and aesthetics. 

It undertakes a review of relevant psychology and philosophy, ‘to inform a broader understanding of models and frameworks for a biological relationship with landscape’. From this, Josh explains, ‘an exploratory concept of restorative engagement is developed’. 

The concept, he says, ‘is used to inform and define a novel, human-centred method, which could address the issues with landscape sensitivity identified earlier in the study’.  With regard to the UK National Ecosystem Assessment, Josh adds, ‘the method has the potential to inform how health and shared (social) value aspects are linked’. 


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