‘Landscape’, the Landscape Institute’s quarterly journal, now available to buy from RIBA bookshop, the Building Centre and the Garden Museum

Landscape journal now on sale at selected bookshops

Honorary editor Tim Waterman says that Landscape‘s return to the newsstand is an important marker of the Institute’s pride in the publication and its confidence that it is now promoting the profession well to practitioners in other disciplines, particularly among the architectures.

“The editorial advisory panel, the Landscape Institute and publishers Wardour have worked on Landscape and the online News and Events with a great sense of positivity over the past year, and we are proud of the results,” he said.

“Feedback from Landscape Institute members has been particularly useful in this process,” Waterman continued. “We feel that the journal, in particular, is working much harder to represent the thinking not just of landscape architects, but of all the related landscape professions such as landscape science, landscape planning and landscape management.”

Waterman feels that the magazine has more to offer a wider readership than it has had in the past, though it has been careful not to lose sight of the fact that LI members are its primary readers.

Landscape’s transition to a quarterly publication provided an opportunity to bring much greater focus to its content, with in-depth features and essays to drive the debate on the role of landscape architecture in the 21st century. More timely news and profiles of firms, their projects and people, is concentrated in the LI’s online presence.

“We would like to encourage members to take a fresh look at the journal and to take the time to familiarise themselves with all the new content that is now featured on the refurbished Landscape Institute website and in News and Events,” said Waterman.

“Now is an invigorating time to be involved both with the Landscape Institute in general and with its publications,” he said. “There is, for the first time in perhaps many years, a strong sense of unity and purpose, and an energetic wish to promote the profession and the importance of the idea of landscape.”


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