LI will help the organisation to grow

Landscape Institute supports The Parks Alliance

The Landscape Institute will support The Parks Alliance by providing communications services, through a newly announced arrangement.

The Parks Alliance (TPA) is the voice of UK parks, representing the people and organisations that create, maintain, invest in and use the public green spaces that we are proud to have at the heart of British life. The UK-wide Alliance includes 40 organisations and senior park industry figures from local government parks services, private contractors, industry bodies, NGOs and volunteer and park friends groups.

Two members of the Landscape Institute’s Policy and Communications team will manage TPA’s website, PR efforts, quarterly newsletter, mailing database, and social media.

Paul Lincoln, Deputy Chief Executive at the Landscape Institute, has joined The Parks Alliance Interim Board. He said he hoped that the LI’s support would help TPA to grow in profile and supporter size.

'The Parks Alliance has taken on the very important initiative of engaging the Government and local authorities on the hugely important topic of how we fund and promote public parks,' he said. 'Many LI members work in or support UK’s parks and have huge experience in park management.

'One of the benefits for LI members is that the Landscape Institute will develop an increased understanding of the needs of this important sector, enabling it to bring closer together some of the management and design aspects of our members' work.

'The Parks Alliance is a young organisation. We believe that the Landscape Institute can offer considerable support at this stage and we are delighted to do so.'

Sue Ireland, Director of Green Spaces, City of London Corporation, and TPA Board member, said the new relationship brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to The Parks Alliance. 'The Parks Alliance is a fringe organisation with very little resource basem' she said. 'It recognised the importance of working with partners in the sector and therefore the opportunity that the Landscape Institute approach gave us to make progress more rapidly than we would have been able to achieve on our own.'

Sue Ireland will be a speaker in a forthcoming LI event, run alongside the 'Rethinking the Urban Landscape' exhibition at The Building Centre, London. Sue will be a speaker in an discussion entitled 'How do you pay for green infrastructure in an age of austerity?' that will take place on Monday 9 February.


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