The Landscape Institute has set up a College of Fellows, to involve them more in its work and provide a forum for them to exchange ideas.

Paj Valley, chair of the College of Fellows
Paj Valley, chair of the College of Fellows

Paj Valley, who chairs the college, said, ‘When I became a fellow in 2010 I said I could see a great collection of senior members who were not really activated.

‘The profession is not necessarily getting the best out of them. We need a forum.’

Valley has been in touch with all the fellows, and a launch event will take place shortly. The fellows are also, for the first time, sponsoring a new category at the Landscape Institute awards. This year’s prize will relate to climate change and adaptation. The subject may change each year, but the award will always be assessed by fellows, and given out by them.

Objectives of the College of Fellows will include increasing membership, acting as ambassadors for the profession, and influencing the political world.

The College will be fund-raising in order to have money to carry out its objectives.

Valley is the director of cities and urbanism at Atkins.


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