From 1 July 2021, the LI will become a licensed BSI Distributor – allowing members to buy any standard from the BSI Shop at a 30% discount

Hunter's Bar, Sheffield. Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash

The Landscape Institute (LI) is excited to announce a new partnership with the British Standards Institute (BSI).

From 1 July 2021, the LI will become a licensed BSI Distributor, allowing members to purchase standards from the BSI Shop at a 30% discount. To benefit from the discount, members will simply need to email with details of the standard they wish to purchase, and whether they require a PDF or a hard copy. BSI will then take secure payment with the discount applied.

About BSI

BSI is the Royal Chartered standards body for the UK, whose work extends across the international standards community. They provide standards, information, auditing, certification and training in 193 countries, across sectors including aerospace, banking, construction, energy, government, healthcare, and more. Find out more at


  1. This is great and I know from the member survey we did several years ago that it should be popular. Is continuation after 3 months contingent on how much uptake there is, or on something else?

  2. Thanks for your comment Simon. We’re monitoring the number of orders we process as a result of this partnership – with BSI having taken on the lion’s share of the workload – and we’ll review the resources needed to make this permanent after three months. Currently, we’ve hopeful that this partnership will continue indefinitely.

  3. Could you please confirm if the 30% discount also applies to the British Standards Online subscription and BS membership?


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