The LI has announced a formal affiliation with the UK Building Information Modelling (BIM) Alliance, aligning itself with the institutions, associations, and organisations working together to coordinate the UK industry’s approach to digital transformation

Visualisation from BIM for Landscape (2016), p128. Image: McGregor Coxall

The Landscape Institute (LI) has announced a formal affiliation with UK Building Information Modelling (BIM) Alliance.

The UK BIM Alliance is a professional forum for institutions, trade associations, and other industry bodies. It aims to make BIM adoption in the UK ‘business as usual’, effecting a consistent and coordinated transformation and evolution across the built environment professions.

‘We’re delighted to have entered into a partnership with the UK BIM Alliance,’ said Antonella Adamus, Head of Standards, Education and Engagement at the LI. ‘The Alliance already supports our digital practice working group, and will continue to be beneficial as we expand our technical portfolio around core digital skills.’

Gary Morton, from the UK BIM Alliance affiliates leadership team, said: ‘We all have a valuable part to play in making BIM business as usual and contributing to the protection of our environment.

‘The LI are encouraging the use of digital to enhance the physical landscape for the benefit of all, and we’re delighted to welcome them as affiliates of the UK BIM Alliance.’

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