With the publication of the new, third edition of GLVIA (GLVIA3) due in April, the Landscape Institute has produced guidance on its use

Landscape Institute issues guidance on transition to GLVIA3

GLVIA3 will replace the current second edition (GLVIA2; the Blue Book).  In general terms the approach and methodologies in the new edition are the same. The main difference is that GLVIA3 places greater emphasis on professional judgement and less emphasis on a formulaic approach. Members have asked for clarification on the status of projects developed under GLVIA2, but reviewed or implemented after publication of the third edition.

An assessment started using GLVIA2 should be completed using that edition. However, if in the view of the professional a comparison should be undertaken with GLVIA3, and subsequently if necessary a re-assessment undertaken according to GLVIA3, then this should be discussed and agreed with the client in the first instance.

Obviously, assessments started after the publication of GLVIA3 should use it, rather than GLVIA2.

An area to discuss the new edition has been set up on Talking Landscape.


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