A successful BIM seminar in Solihull was the first in a series.

Landscape Institute chief executive Alastair McCapra
Landscape Institute chief executive Alastair McCapra

The  Landscape Institute launched its new series of regional BIM seminars at the Arup campus in Solihull on 20th September, writes chief executive Alastair McCapra. More than 40 members came to hear a presentation by Mike Shilton from the LI’s BIM Task Force and to discuss how the profession can best take advantage of a BIM working environment in the future.  A lot of the members attending were already working on projects using BIM, and many had useful insights into the problems BIM poses for landscape architects, as well as into its potential to add significant value to their work.

One of the themes which came across very strongly from those attending was the value of developing an information-rich model of the site and of the environmental assets before doing anything else on a construction project.  There is a critically important role for landscape architects in gathering, recording and modelling this information in the earliest stages of a project, and then feeding it in and ensuring that it is used to inform decisions on other aspects of the design as it develops.

The seminar is part of a planned series of six which will be held around the UK in 2012-13. The next seminar will be held in the Northwest of England in November. Details will be circulated in due course.




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