Discussion will take place at the Long Gallery, Stormont on 9 February

Landscape Futures event in Northern Ireland will look at building a united community

The date and subject for the Landscape Futures Northern Ireland event have now been set. Entitlted 'Building a United Community' the event will take place at the The Long Gallery, Stormont: at lunchtime on Monday 9th February.

This lecture series by the Landscape Institute aims to stimulate debate about the future of our landscapes and explore the major themes affecting how our land is used and managed, and how that use will affect the prosperity and quality of life of all citizens. The Northern Ireland event will focus on the challenges of ‘Designing & Delivering Shared Space’ addressing questions such as:

• Can connected spatial design have a positive part to play in bringing divided communities together?
• Does integrated green infrastructure offer a delivery mechanism which could offer multi-functional benefit for all our citizens regardless of religion, race or class?
• Does Northern Ireland need a National Landscape Strategy?
• Does RPA offer opportunities for decision makers to address division?
• Are there lessons we can learn internationally from places of conflict?

The speakers will be:
* Neil Porter, partner, Gustafson Porter, talking about landscape masterplanning and project experience in Beirut
* Silvia Gordon,  CEO of Groundworks NI on working with community in interface areas of Belfast
* Dr Milena Komarova (Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation) speaking about the role of the built environment and everyday life in transforming conflict.

The event is free but there are only 80 places, so booking is essential. Book your place here.


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