We are seeking to collate all publicly available landscape character assessment information into a single helpful resource, local authorities, and stakeholders to contribute between 1 March and 20 June 2022

The River Caen in North Devon, near Velator Quay. © Image reproduced with thanks to LUC

In December 2020, the Landscape Institute (LI) Spatial Data Group initiated a project to review publicly available landscape character assessment information and collate it into a single helpful resource for all environmental professionals in the UK and Ireland.

Similar work has taken place in the past, but the information is at present inconsistent and difficult to access.

The project prompted interest from a range of volunteers in several practices, and gained the support of several public bodies. The volunteer and stakeholder team, led by AECOM’s Charlotte Williams, has met monthly since January 2021 to develop the resource.

Contribute to the landscape character assessment database

The draft resource found here is now available as a consultation document. This includes links to all available landscape character information for the UK and Ireland.

At present, this document is not an exhaustive resource of landscape character assessments. The aim of this consultation is to fill gaps and complete the data as far as possible.

The initial consultation period (1 March to 20 June 2022) has now concluded. we will now incorporate all appropriate contributions into a publication version, which we will launch in summer 2022.

About the consultation document

  • Regions are, where appropriate, split into counties and districts to better organise the data and highlight where landscape character assessments are currently missing.
  • The links to data (column E) is to the webpage where the information is accessible, rather than to the assessment document itself.
  • Local, Neighbourhood, District, County, Regional, AONB, and Landscape Partnership Landscape Character Assessments and Seascape Character Assessments are included.
  • Historic Landscape Character Assessments, Townscape Character Assessments, and Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Assessments are not included, except where they contain the Landscape Character Assessment. There is scope to add this data as part of a future project.

This reference is intended to be a developing resource, and there will be opportunities in the future to contribute to and help progress it. We look forward to making this a single, comprehensive resource for landscape and all other professions who use landscape character data now and in the future.



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