International website hosts speakers from event in Llubljana

Landezine went live for the first time on January 20th, 2017 in order to present LILA, the Landezine International Landscape Award, and to explore an interdisciplinary approach in the work of landscape architects. The event took place in the Old Power Station in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The speakers at the event were:

  • Jenny B. Osuldsen / Snøhetta (Norway, USA);
  • Antje Stokman / Studio Urbane Landschaften (Germany);
  • Martí Franch / EMF Estudi Martí Franch (LILA 2016 winner, Spain);
  • Michiel Van Griessche / Felixx (LILA People’s Choice 2016 winner, Netherlands);
  • Ana Kučan / Studio AKKA (Slovenia); and
  • Matej Blenkuš / Studio Abiro (Slovenia)

View the videos of their presentations and discussions:




You can see the rest of the videos here.



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