Part of the LI’s responsibility as a professional body is to ensure the highest standards of professional practice and behaviour. We have drafted a new LI Code of Practice for consultation, aligning us with the new global ethical principles for the landscape profession.

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Part of the LI’s responsibility as a professional body is to ensure the highest standards of professional practice and behaviour. The LI Code of Conduct – a mandatory standard that we require all our professional members to follow – was last updated in 2012.

The LI has drafted a new LI Code of Practice for consultation. This document aligns us with the new global ethical principles for landscape professionals, developed by IFLA and the LI and based upon the work of the International Ethical Standards Coalition (IESC), to which the LI is a signatory and supporter. (We hope that, over time, other national associations, landscape regulators and other supporting organisations will utilise the new global principles to update their own regulatory documents.)

About the Code of Practice

Read the Landscape Institute Code of Practice (Draft for consultation, July 2020)

The draft Code of Practice expects members to adhere to 11 main rules:

1. Sustainability

Landscape professionals must deliver landscape services in ways that promote sustainable development and environmentally responsible use of resources.

2. Equality and Diversity

You must deliver landscape services in a manner consistent with the principles of equality and diversity and must not unlawfully discriminate against others.

3. Upholding the Reputation of the Profession

You must uphold the reputation and dignity of the landscape profession and that of the Landscape Institute.

4. Legal and Business Compliance

You must ensure that your landscape business is managed properly and in accordance with relevant legal requirements.

5. Managing data

You must ensure that personal data gathered, held or otherwise handled in the course of the delivery of landscape services is protected in accordance with relevant national and international legislation.

6. Professional Indemnity

You must have appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance covering the periods during which you are delivering landscape services.

7. CPD requirements

You must take steps to ensure you only provide services you are competent to deliver. This includes undertaking at least 25 hours’ CPD each year, broken down into at least 10 hours’ ‘formal’ CPD and 15 hours’ ‘informal’ CPD. At least five hours must relate to climate, sustainability, resilience and/or environmental gain.

8. Service and Public Interest

You must ensure at all times that you aim to deliver the safest, highest quality landscape service, consistent with your professional obligations to clients and in the public interest.

9. Complaints handling

You must ensure there is an appropriate process in place to deal promptly and effectively with complaints about landscape services you provide.

10. Conflicts of Interest

Landscape professionals must avoid, where possible, conflicts of interest, and ensure these are declared where they arise.

11. Transparency

You must be honest, transparent and responsive in your relationship with clients, other landscape professionals, the public and the Landscape Institute.

Share your views

The LI Board of Trustees has approved this version of the LI Code of Practice for consultation. We will be consulting our members and the wider sector over a three-month period (until the end of September 2020) on this draft code, with the intention of introducing it later in 2021 alongside new entry standards for the Landscape Institute.

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The new Code of Practice will outline the mandatory standard that we will expect all professional LI members to follow. After consultation and future adoption by the LI, the new Code of Practice will replace the existing LI Code of Conduct.

We are seeking landscape architects, related landscape, parks and place professionals and their associations to review and comment on the draft LI Code of Practice. As we have members operating in more than 40 countries, we would also welcome comment from landscape professionals who are members of any landscape-related professional body elsewhere in the world.


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