Jonathon Porritt to speak at first in Landscape Futures lecture series

Jonathon Porritt to speak at first in Landscape Futures lecture series

The lectures have been developed following the  Landscape Institute’s call for proposals for lectures in a series designed to stimulate debate on the future of our landscape. The following topics have been selected and the lectures will take place around the country between January and April 2014. Each event will include an initial presentation, followed by a response from a leader in a related field and discussion about the impact on landscape architecture. 

1) Making the world we want

Tuesday, 28 Jan 2014, Sheffield University

* Jonathon Porritt (Forum for the Future) and Pam Warhurst (Incredible Edible Todmorden), chaired by Matthew Taylor (Chief Executive, RSA)

What do we need to do now if we are to create a sustainable landscape for the future? This talk will draw on the research behind Porritt’s recently published book The World we Made, which imagines what a sustainable society could look like in 2050, and existing initiatives like Incredible Edibles.

This will be a joint LI/RSA event, supported by the LI Yorkshire and Humber branch

2) How can we build beautiful places?

Tuesday, 11 Feb 2014, Birmingham, venue tbc

What stops us from building beautifully? This lecture explores what is needed to enable us to create beautiful places to live – looking not only at the design of individual houses but also at the spaces in-between – and how landscape architects can use the new planning system to create places that support successful communities.

3) Infrastructure: what story will we tell in 50 years time?

Tuesday, 25 Feb 2014, Cambridge, venue tbc

Reflecting on what has changed in the last 50 years, this lecture explores cultural attitudes to infrastructure in the landscape; how we were once proud of it as a nation but now seem afraid of it and cannot talk about it positively. How can the landscape profession provide leadership so that the infrastructure developments of the next 50 years are seen to enhance rather than despoil the landscape?

4) How can we create functional rural landscapes fit for the future?

Tuesday, 11 March, Bath, venue tbc

How can we create the rural landscapes we need while protecting the countryside we love?  Rather than preserving a ‘Downtown Abbey’ landscape dedicated to agriculture and leisure, we will need to enable it to adapt, just as we do in cities, to make the landscape work for us all and deal with the impacts of climate change.

5) How will the digital revolution affect the urban landscape?

Tuesday 25 March, Landscape Institute, London

What will be the impact of digital development on the way we live and work? How are cities using digital data to revolutionise urban life?  The boundary between the physical world, the mind and the digital world is becoming increasingly blurred. This talk will explore the implications for landscape architects on the way we work and the places we design.

6) What does the future of landscape architecture look like?

Tuesday 8 April, Landscape Institute, London

What are the key trends that are shaping the future of landscape architecture and how will they affect the processes, collaborations and designs that practices will need to employ? Our closing lecture will use research into the built environment and social change to look at the future role of landscape architecture in society.

Find full details of all the lectures here.


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