Landscape photographer Simon Warner has joined forces with geographer and honorary LI member Jay Appleton in an exhibition celebrating the latter’s prospect-refuge theory of human aesthetics.

Jay Appleton celebrated in RGS photographic exhibition

The exhibition, ‘Image, Instinct and Imagination – Landscape as sign-language’, opens at the Royal Geographical Society on 31 March and runs for two weeks, before touring to Halifax and Edinburgh.

Warner’s photographs support a commentary in which Appleton ‘re-states his core ideas’, as set out in his influential 1975 book ‘The Experience of Landscape’.
The exhibition answers the question Appleton poses at the start of the book: ‘What do we like about landscape and why do we like it?’ A series of around 50 of Warner’s photographs explore the key categories of prospect, refuge and hazard, and are accompanied by a narrative commentary and detailed captions.
Simon Warner’s colour photographs depict views across England, Wales and Scotland, and the exhibition ends with a group of pictures on which visitors can try out their own newly acquired skills of landscape interpretation. Extracts from Appleton’s recent poetry also feature, offering a literary perspective on his theories and underlining the essential cross-disciplinarity of his thought.


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