IPM’s fifth Corfu Symposium on Managing and Marketing Places will ‘utopian or dystopian visions associated with the place practices we study, promote or enact’

The Institute of Place Management (IPM) is calling for papers for its 2018 Corfu Symposium, Changing places: Visions of utopia or dystopia?

For its fifth annual Symposium on Managing and Marketing Places, IPM asks what future common place practices or ambitions –┬áSMART and inclusive growth, degrowth, devolution, revitalisation, placemaking, place branding and destination marketing – bring to the places that adopt them.

Held in Corfu old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the event offers scholars the opportunity to engage with local businesses, policy makers and other stakeholders. Attendees will share leading innovations and research that will make a positive difference to responsible tourism on the Green island.

IPM seeks 1,000 word abstracts by 11 December 2017. Submissions should be emailed to heatherskinnercorfu@gmail.com.


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