The Landscape Institute has appointed an interim chief executive to fill the role occupied by Alastair McCapra, who leaves at the end of October

Phil Mulligan is to be interim CEO at the Landscape Institute
Interim CEO to start at Landscape Institute

The interim CEO will be Phil Mulligan, an experienced manager whose most recent role was as executive director of the United Nations Association UK.

Mulligan also spent four years as chief executive of Environmental Protection UK  (formerly the National Society for Clean Air) and, in the 1990s, spent six months as crew on Greenpeace’s boat, the Rainbow Warrior.

He will bring to the role his experience of membership organisations and strong management skills. ‘Any organisation is about the people who are in it,’ he said. ‘To deliver the mission you need to get the best possible performance as a team. That is what I like doing.’

Landscape also chimes with Mulligan’s strong environmental commitment. His stint on the Rainbow Warrior was the result of his time working for Greenpeace in Australia – a role that he took while, he mentions casually, ‘spending two and a half years cycling around the world’. He now, he says, owns a bike ‘for every occasion’ adding that ‘cycling is a big part of my beliefs’. He likes its sustainability and its simplicity and the fact that it can improve those modern scourges ‘pollution, congestion, climate change, obesity’.

Mulligan is looking forward to his time at the Landscape Institute. ‘The more I read about landscape, the more alignment I see with my interests,’ he said.

He will start at the Landscape Institute on 7 October.


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