Now the Chartered Institute of Horticulture

Institute of Horticulture acquires chartered status

On 21 July the professinal horticulturalist's body gained chartered status, making it the Chartered Institute of Horticulture.

In a statement, it said, 'To gain a Royal Charter for the Institute has been an aspiration since the Institute’s inception in 1984. Not only is the granting of the Royal Charter excellent news for the Institute it is excellent for horticulture and horticulturists too. This level of seniority and recognition will enhance the status of horticulture as a profession which demands high level skills and continuing professional development. Chartership will also strengthen the influence, and therefore the voice of the Institute, and will add gravitas to its claim for greater recognition from government and policy makers regarding its role in the development of professionalism in horticulture.

'At the same time, Chartership will support the Institute’s ambassadors in their role of promoting advocacy in horticulture. The designation of Chartered Horticulturist (C Hort) to individuals in the Institute will, following the rigorous selection process, have wider benefits for all concerned with the practice of horticulture through its transparent and published standards that will demonstrate our commitment to the highest level of professionalism.'


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