Call for landscape architects to help disseminate vital tree information

Important TDAG tree document now available online

Published this month, a PDF version of the Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG) document Trees in Hard Landscapes: A Guide for Delivery is now available as a free download on the TDAG website. 
‘This has been a complex document to produce and has had very wide support both in researching and reviewing which was generously given by wide range of experts in the field,’ says TDAG coordinator Sue James. The time has now come, she adds, ‘to disseminate it as widely as possible’.
A major focus of the document is on achieving results through cross-disciplinary, collaborative working, Sue explains. ‘Although I am an architect I am aware that the difficulty that landscape architects have is that the landscape, ie external areas, are not always considered at an early enough stage and it is very important that planners, developers and, indeed architects and other professions involved, understand that the landscape architect should be a major participant along with the rest of the team.’

This is particularly the case, she adds, ‘as research emerges to show the very broad role that landscape can make not only in the quality and services delivered by the external environment but also the influence that it can have on the environmental performance of buildings’.

TDAG is calling on all landscape architects to make sure they know about trees, ‘so that you can inform the design team of the multiple benefits that can be achieved from planning to long-term overall performance and value if the landscape architect is engaged at the right time to take work from inception to delivery alongside all other aspects of a project.'


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