13 delegates from seven countries gathered to share the implementation of best practice , discuss issues, and formulate policy

The Landscape Institute has attended its first meeting as a member of the International Ethics Standards Coalition (IESC). Head of Professional Standards Simon Odell CMLI, representing Dan Cook, attended the IESC Trustees meeting in Athens on Friday 8 December.

The LI became the first organisation in the landscape profession to join the IESC back in January.

13 delegates from property- and construction-related bodies in seven countries gathered to share implementation of best practice, discuss issues, and formulate ongoing policy. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) delegate chaired the meeting. Its main purpose was to discuss how best to progress the initiative, but there was also an opportunity to share ideas and make contacts.

Key observations / action points from the meeting included:

  • RICS has a number of ethics resources that may be open to the LI
  • RICS also drew attention to a new presentation on IESC by the University College of Estate Management, which provides a brief overview of the principles that support the need for an International Ethics Standard within the built environment
  • The Japanese Society of Independent Appraisers (JASIA) is interested to share ethical dilemmas used on and for use on the Pathway to Chartership; its representative also shared some other ethics resources the LI may wish to review

Other ideas that arose for the LI from the discussion included:

  • encouraging LI staff to look at the International Ethics Standard
  • discussing the Standard with the LI’s insurers
  • raising the Standard with the Council of the Heads of the Built Environment (CHOBE)
  • working with RICS on a joint letter to encourage universities to pick up on the Standard


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